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Business Consultancy​

Start-ups, Planning & Growth

Your professional and personal goals are central to our consulting services; we take the time to get to know you better so we can offer the best advice. Starting a new business is always a daunting experience but, good planning and through process before the commencement of any venture can ensure that you are well prepared for anything that comes your way.


We can help you with feasibility study, preparing business plan, putting numbers to your thoughts and expectations, advise you on the best tax structure for your new business and then assist you to set up accountancy, IT and compliance systems in place to deal with your needs and legal requirements.

IT Strategy, Supply & Support

Information technology (IT) is one of the key resources available to every business to achieve its short and long-term objectives.


Using the knowledge gained from our own systems and those designed for other clients, we are able to advice on IT related matters with first-hand experience. We can help you to obtain the best from your chosen system. Our expertise enables a complete range of services to be offered, including:


  • Software selection;

  • Management reporting solutions; and

  • Payroll systems.


If you are spending too much time writing up books, typing invoices and chasing debts we help to take control by computerising your accounts system. We can help you to make the best use of IT resource to produce financial information that is accurate and appropriate for running your business effectively. With the correct accounting software you will save hours of hard work leaving you more time to deal with the more important areas of the business.


In short, whether you are investing in new technology, reviewing existing systems or have simply outgrown your current resource, we can help.

Strategic Planning & Growth

We appreciate that a successful business must plan ahead and stay focused in striving towards its goal. We also understand that all too often the pressures of keeping the business going on a daily basis mean that strategic planning is not given the attention it needs and direction is lost. This often results in rushed judgments, over- or under-capacity, or missed opportunities.


Before the commencement of your business or even after several years of trading – defining clear Strategic Direction of the business means that you remain focused on your goals. Formulating a strategy can mean that you have:


  • More control over your future

  • Clearer succession and exit plan

  • Higher return from your business

  • Improved team morale and productivity


We can guide you in developing clear objectives for 1 – 10 years period (short to long term) building on your strengths and opportunities and overcoming you weaknesses and threats.Our team is led by a Chartered Management Accountant who is also an MBA and understands why Strategic planning is important, what factors to consider and various options and tools available to you.

Company Dissolution & Restoration

Sometimes a point comes when you no longer want to keep the company running and need to close it down. We can advise you on legalities of voluntary winding up of the company as well as other options available to you.


In case where your company was wound up but you wish to restore it, because the bank account that was closed had funds that were frozen by the bank, we can help you with the full process of restoring the company.

Business Sale, Acquisition & Valuation

Whether you wish to know what is your business worth or you are planning to sell it – Business & Share valuation is essential. Right value could mean that you make informed decisions on buying and selling of any business.


We have the experience to help value your business, undertake due-diligence exercise and assist you with integration and managing synergies with the new business.

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